1. a) HOME-WORK: seems like an inevitable part of the school and it allows parents to have an active role in their child’s education and help them to evaluate their progress. We believe that home-work improves students thinking, skills and the information learned in classroom. Parents will also be informed about forthcoming topics, so, they can talk about them with their children at home before they come to school.
  2. b) PROJECT: is also a take home assignment which prepares students to work independently, take initiative or responsibility for completing a task through the use of resources, like the library, computer or reference materials, etc., for information.
  3. c) CONTINOUS ASSESSMENT: All students are expected to participate in all tests and examinations. Refusal to write any test or examination is a serious and punishable offence.

NOTE: Cheating and other examination malpractices are prohibited.

  1. d) HOME AND SCHOOL PARTNERSHIP: We believe that an effective education is based on a good relationship between the home and school. Both partners have to work together to support the child’s schooling. We do encourage parents to speak to their child’s class teacher, but prefer an after school appointment, as the beginning of the school day can be very hectic.
  2. e) REPORTING TO PARENTS: At the end of each academic year, each student will bring home a written report. This will reflect the progress made and targets for the future. Parents are free to discuss their child’s progress in each subject with the class teacher.

Parents should not to visit their children unannounced during school hours. If a parent needs to deliver a message to his/her children, they should go through the Head of school.

  1. f) OPEN DAY: Parents will be given the opportunity to visit the school once a term to have discussion with their children’s teachers concerning the academic performance of their children.
  2. g) SLEEPING ARRANGEMENT: We have separate cots with net for our crèche / nursery students. We also have separate locker / storage with a name tag for every student’s bag.

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